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Tim Rugendyke

Tim is what you’d call a lifelong car fanatic. Tim started drawing cars when he was 8 years old and perfected his craft while working at Ford and General Motors. After bringing to life a new concept for General Motors, Tim’s 15 years+ of design experience is now currently being applied to international transportation design projects spanning America, Europe and Australasia.

These projects include automotive, trains, boats and all sorts of other transportation vehicles. Tim is also involved in product design and he’s worked on nearly every type of product you can imagine. He is one of the key designers at his firm which is recognised internationally as one of the leading design consultancies with Fortune 1000 companies as clients.

Tim’s not only an award winning designer (Popeye award), but he is passionate about teaching people how to draw. He’s currently teaching rendering at one of the top Australian design schools (University of Technology Sydney) and has also taught at transportation design classes at Queensland University of Technology. Tim also lecturered high-school students at Australia’s most popular museum – The Powerhouse Museum. Many of the hundreds of students Tim has taught over the years have gone on to very successful design careers in their own right.

Tim was recently featured in a career’s guide that had a section on industrial design. He also wrote and published illustrations that were featured in a national automotive magazine – Speedway Racing News. Tim’s consultancy including the projects he’s worked on have been featured in Curve (design) magazine, Australian Financial Review, and numerous books on industry in Australia.

Tim completed his industrial design degree at UTS with a minor in transportation design.


Lukas Niklasson

Lukas is an unshakeable car enthusiast with an artist’s hand and an entrepreneurial spirit. He has launched an online store selling expertly crafted diecast cars, and created a website, AutoDrawings.net and a Facebook group that have both grown into two of the biggest online communities for car-drawing artists. Well aware of the lack of quality tutorials for sketching cars, Lukas teamed up with Tim, and created How to Draw Cars: Fast and Easy for aspiring automobile artists to enjoy and improve their drawing skills.

Lukas hails from Sweden, but currently lives in Santa Barbara, California.


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